Architecture styles continued to evolve through the turn of the century. There was a focus on functional aesthetics and natural materials as well as a rejection of the Victorian Era ornamentation and a return to a simpler style. Turn of the century architecture styles include-

  • Transitional Arts & Crafts (Craftsman) & Craftsman/Ultimate Bungalow- often wood, stone, or stucco siding, low-pitched roofs with exposed rafters, large porches with stone supports, large square or rounded columns, stone chimneys, open floor-plans, and crafted woodwork. 
  • Foursquare- typically a quartered-box shape with wide porches and deep-overhanging low-hipped roofs.
  • Beau Arts- grandiose, stone structures often featuring columns and pilasters, lavish decoration, triangular pediments, and grand stairways. 
  • Prairie- an emphasis on horizontal lines, usually low-pitched roofs, with open floor-plans and a central chimney.
  • Early Colonial/Neoclassical Revival- homes with a large, symmetrical design often with windows on each side of the door, large columns, and pediments, Neoclassical is often distinguished by its ornate detail.