Sarah & Dana

It was a total pleasure working with Eileen. She came highly recommended by two sets of friends, and we had a terrific experience with her as well. She helped us buy a new home (Hancock Park) and then sell our current home (Larchmont), both of which were complicated transactions for a variety of reasons, and she guided us through the process with remarkable calm, good sense, and expertise.  We appreciated her quick response time and clear communication skills, and also her sense of humor, her warmth, and her even-keeled temperament.

Rob G.

Eileen was on point. Not only was she extremely helpful and knowledgeable, she was patient and went out of her way to make sure we were comfortable and educated before we moved forward on any and every detail. She kept us in the loop consistently. We had some unforseen hiccups along the way that she was able to resolve due to her experience and dillegence. Eileen made something daunting feel possible and provided us the results we hoped for! She was with us every step of the way and was thorough, prompt, and took care of all of the legwork for us. She also went above and beyond the scope of what we anticipated and are extremely grateful for her time and service. We’ll be referring her to everyone in our circle.

Jen K.

We were in a tough situation when we went into our house sale (Lake Balboa), in that we were REALLY interested in buying another house (Burbank) but needed to purchase on contingency. It’s currently a sellers’ market in Los Angeles, so we knew it would be tricky. However, we fell in love with the Burbank house and knew we had to try to make it work. Eileen advised us to make an offer on the Burbank house with the understanding that we would be in escrow on our Lake Balboa house within a certain number of days. We did and then immediately (under her guidance) scurried around, fixing and decorating and painting. Eileen gave us great advice about how to price the house… which turned out to be correct because it was snapped up right away with multiple offers. There were so many hoops to jump through — as I think there always are — but Eileen was always available to answer questions thoughtfully and with great insight. The entire thing went so smoothly that I still can’t quite believe it all happened. The true proof was when we met with the realtor for the sellers at the new house. As he handed over the keys, I thanked him… and he said what a pleasant experience it had been to work with someone as professional and calm as Eileen. It truly was a dream experience (or as much as the chaos of buying/selling houses can be). We would work with Eileen again in a heartbeat. I can’t recommend her strongly enough

Bryan D.

My wife and I were first-time home buyers, and were nervous about buying a home in a volatile market. Eileen was recommended to us by a friend, and we’re so glad we used her as our agent.

She is friendly, knowledgeable about the area, professional and informative. She patiently walked us through the process, and always had time for our questions.

Most importantly, we valued her integrity. We were interested in a house that, looking back, wasn’t worth the price we would have paid for it. She could have pushed us and sold us that house, but she encouraged us to hold out for the right house.

Getting us into the right house for us at a good value was more important to her than making a quick commission.

I also found that her referrals for loan agents and inspectors were fantastic – they were professional, honest and on top of details.

Bottom line: She works for you, and she’s someone you can trust.

Tony Gittelson

Eileen Lanza recently helped us purchase our first home in Hancock Park/Mid-Wilshire. Because it was a short sale, it was an extremely complicated, and occasionally nerve-wracking transaction — involving the Seller and the Bank — and Eileen was superb every step of the way! All the advice she gave us throughout the process was, as they say, spot on. She is knowledgeable, thoughtful, extremely patient — and calm — and helps anxious Buyers — and Sellers — navigate complicated deal points. She also has excellent taste. She listened very carefully to what we were looking for in a home, and helped us find exactly what we needed. We couldn’t be any happier with our new home and with Eileen! She also happens to be a lovely, kind & generous person, and a pleasure to work with. As either a Buyer or a Seller you will be in extremely capable hands with Eileen Lanza. She is a consummate.

Dr and Mrs Craig Smith

I wanted to write a letter of deep appreciation on behalf of my family. Buying a home for the first time is supposed to be a very exciting time; for us it was extremely wrenching. The stress of leaving our old home combined with having only 40 days to locate a new home and go through escrow could have very well ended in murder or divorce. Your calm approach turned my dread into excitement that not only could we do this, but also you would find us the perfect home. You listened intently to what both my husband & I had envisioned our dream home would be. You asked all the questions I would never have thought of to spare us the tediousness of not having to look at properties that would not be right.

My favorite story from this whole experience is from the one & only day we looked at properties. You had five houses scheduled & told me the last one was a surprise, and it was one you were sure we would love. I do not know what magic you had up your sleeve, but the surprise house is now ours & the fact that it was not even on the market was truly astounding! Then, once we fell in love with the house, with lightening speed you had Gary Sayble, our loan coordinator, working out the best finance deal possible, followed by all the necessary inspections all lined up in a single day to make it easy on my busy schedule. You made it possible for us to close before our 40 day limit – a feat of professionalism & real estate savvy.

I would like to say I have had friends who have not had such remarkable agents. It has cost them time & in some cases, a great deal of money. I tell all my friends in this market where agents really care only about the sale, it was grand to have someone looking out for my family & who deeply cared that we find the perfect house. We are so in love with our new home & great neighborhood. Eileen, I thank you sincerely for the gift of your real estate talent. Please feel free to show this letter to any future clients and please allow them to call us. It would give me great pleasure to tell them about everything you did for us, and to give you the highest of all possible recommendations.

May your future be filled with as much joy as you have given my family.

Nancy Muller

As first time buyers, the anticipation of starting the home buying process was both daunting and stressful. My husband and I have known Eileen for many years, and working with her to purchase our first home seemed second nature. I am happy to say that our home buying experience was enjoyable and relatively stress-free. We also were able to work out what I consider to be a fantastic deal on a beautiful house in our target neighborhood.

I am certain that we asked a million questions and required a lot of training in the real estate process. Throughout the entire transaction Eileen provided us with useful non-biased information and support. Looking back on the experience, I am absolutely floored that such a “big” purchase and seemingly stressful life event was actually fun. I credit a lot of this to Eileen’s dedication and personal touch.

I hope this is our last house, because we absolutely love it. However, if we were ever to look again, Eileen will be our choice of agent once again. We’ve recommended her to a few friends already.

B. Browne

I am a hard-working attorney & I demand high quality work from any professional I hire. When I wanted to sell the biggest asset I may ever own, I approached the decision of which real estate agent/broker to represent me with great deliberation. After all, 6% of over a million dollars represents a substantial amount of money. To pay that amount of money, I wanted someone bright, talented and most importantly, someone who would bend over backwards to do whatever was necessary for me to earn the greatest return on my investment. And not only did she bend over backwards, she did a couple back flips and threw in some handstands and cartwheels too.
Instead of pressuring me to hurry and get my property on the market, Eileen brought in a design consultant to offer me advice on aesthetics of my property- inside and out; no detail was too small. Many of the ideas I received proved to be pivotal in creating the perfect impression with buyers.

With a background in photography, TV and media generally, Eileen’s expertise helped highlight the best features of my duplex in the way most relevant way to the most likely buyer- an educated, internet-savvy buyer. Eileen photographed many of the unique architectural features and hired a company to photograph and create a virtual tour that included a floor plan. Eileen leveraged her photography, media, and technology expertise to highlight the best aspects of my duplex to the widest audience in the most meaningful way.

With a background in business and entrepreneurship generally, Eileen thought outside the box. Before photo shoots and open houses, she took care of all the “little” things that seem to transform my property into a “dream home.” Her final touches before the open houses- flowers, candles, decadent deserts, table settings, etc., gave me pause to ponder what in the world I was doing selling such an amazing place! When the offers started flowing in, I realized my pause was merely the result of the fantastical mirage Eileen created to best represent my interests.

Eileen’s expertise, hard work and strategy worked like a charm. Within days I had received multiple serious offers. Who says it’s a declining real estate market? With Eileen representing me, that was not my experience.
Not only did Eileen get a good result for me, she did everything possible to make a stressful time for me much simpler. Further, my time to devote to the sale process was limited by the fact that I was a single full time working mother. As a working mother herself and as a genuinely nice human being, Eileen understood even what I never said. She did everything possible to make the enormity of the situation seem simple for me and run smoothly. Her cheerful attitude, great sense of humor, and empathetic ear carried the day (and maybe saved my sanity!).

Eileen was always organized, efficient, and on-time. I have always heard that the people who are the best at what they do have the ability to make what is not so easy appear to be easy. She established good relationships with anyone with whom she came in contact She coordinated and attended numerous general and specialized inspections of my duplex. If you have not guessed by now, I offer my highest recommendation of Eileen Lanza to anyone contemplating selling a residential and/or investment property. She is worthy of trusting to sell your most valued property. Her style, knowledge, talent, dedication, work ethic, integrity, and personality will win you over. They will also win over the best buyer of your property.

Margarit Avedikian

I want to take this opportunity to tell you a little about my Real Estate agent, Eileen Lanza, should you be fortunate enough to work with her in purchasing or selling your home. I recently sought out Eileen’s assistance to purchase my first home and it was no easy task for her, yet she made it extremely easy for me.

To begin with, I was interested in too many areas of the city. Eileen helped me focus my search to the areas that would be fit my needs and wants and still fit my budget. In addition, I was nervous about the whole process and Eileen was very patient with me, addressing all my concerns and answering all my questions. Lastly, as you seek an agent closely in making one of the most important financial decisions of your life, as this is Eileen’s greatest asset. There is never any heavy pressure to make you feel doubtful or uneasy about your decisions to pass or make an offer on a property. She is straightforward, pleasant and professional at all times.

This was my first real home purchase and I am confident in saying it would not have been so exciting and painless without Eileen’s support and assistance. I am also confident in saying I will work with her again in future purchases and whole-heartedly recommend her to all my friends and family.

Pam & Brian

As first time home buyers, my husband and I were feeling both nervous and naïve… until Eileen came on the scene and put every one of our fears to rest. Her confidence and knowledge carried us through what some people might consider one of the most stressful experiences in life. Eileen kept us on track and organized, while helping us understand the complicated layers of documents, deadlines and protocols. Not only does Eileen have an enthusiastic love for her work; she proceeds with a calm diligence and determination. She was very responsive to our questions and concerns; if she didn’t know the answer immediately, she would research and find it within a matter of hours. If there was an issue we were uncomfortable with, she would take the time to work it through on both sides, so that we did not feel pressured to make a decision in haste. Eileen truly takes pride in her work, and it is quite evident that she wants her clients to feel confident that they are making the right decisions. Her guidance has been invaluable to us. If and when we decide to sell our house, we will call only one person to help us through it…. Eileen Lanza. Thank you so much Eileen! You truly made this a memorable and (believe it or not) enjoyable experience.

Josef & Maria Schaefer

Dear Eileen,

Maria & I, as well as my brother and partner, Peter, would like to thank you for the excellent and professional job you did selling our 4 unit rental property on Windsor Blvd.

We were very apprehensive about selling, but you made it easy for us.
If we think back on all the paper work involved and my brother having to co-sign (residing 100 miles away), all we can say is that your services were OUTSTANDING!

Besides all the faxes and emails involved, you went out of your way to keep us informed on the daily progress of the transactions.

When the time comes for us to sell our private residence, without a doubt, YOU WILL BE OUR AGENT!

The Nelsons

We love our new home!! We know it is unlikely that we would be enjoying it so thoroughly without your commitment and dedication these last 2 1/2 years. As you know, we started looking together in the Spring of 2006 and did not move until Summer of 2008. That is a LONG time and many, many houses in between. We are really grateful that we chose you to help us look for our “dream home.” Your unlimited patience, knowledge, and professionalism helped us continue our search when the outlook looked very bleak. Given the limited number of homes in Hancock Park/Windsor Square versus our budget and specifications, this was no easy task!! You never faltered, always had a smile and worked your tail off every step of this long road to our new hap py home. Thank you so very much. Needless to say, we cannot recommend you highly enough!

Ed Doherty

Dear Eileen,
I want to thank you for all the assistance you provided me and my daughter in location and handling the purchase of the condominium in Culver City. I am sure that with me 3,000 miles away, along with my travel schedule prior to and during the closing date, presented quite a challenge to you. In addition to the logistical challenge, time zone difference, and considerable paperwork, you were eight months pregnant! We exchanged countless emails, phone calls and faxes, negotiating the purchase price, terms and conditions, satisfying the numerous State of California requirements etc. Throughout all of this, you were a delight to work with – competent, professional, understanding and personable. It was a pleasure working with you!
Please feel free to share this letter with your other clients and use me as a reference if you wish.
Best wishes for continued success.

Fred B.

We’ve known Eileen for years and share a passion for real estate, so we were excited to finally work with her on a home purchase. She worked creatively and collaboratively with us to find the right house in a tight market on a tight turnaround. She’s great to have around in those stressful times in the process – warm and funny. She opened her contacts up to us, helping with everything from a chimney contractor to an amazing loan broker. We tell everyone in Mid-City to choose her.

Margarit A.

I want to take this opportunity to tell you a little about my Real Estate agent, Eileen Lanza, should you be fortunate enough to work with her in purchasing or selling your home. I sought out Eileen’s assistance to purchase my first home and it was no easy task for her, yet she made it extremely easy for me. To begin with I was interested in too many areas of the city. Eileen helped me focus my search to the areas that would best fit my wants and still fit my budget. In addition, I was nervous about the whole process and Eileen was very patient with me, addressing all my concerns and answering all my questions.

If you are seeking an agent in making one of the most important financial decisions of your life, Eileen here to help you. There is never any heavy pressure to make you feel doubtful or uneasy about your decisions to pass or make an offer on a property. She is straight forward, pleasant and professional at all times. This was my first Real Estate home purchase and I am confident in saying it would not have been so exciting and painless without Eileen’s support and assistance. I am also confident in saying I will work with her again in future purchases and whole-heartedly recommend her to all my friends and family.

Michelle B.

I only have praises for Eileen. She has been instrumental in every way to finding tenant for our house. We live out of the country and we couldn’t have orchestrated the whole process of finding the tenant and getting the house ready for the tenants without Eileen’s top quality professionalism as well as her personable approach. We lived in the NYC and London in the past 14 years and have rented 10+ homes, her service and commitment to her job has stood out above all.

Alma M. 

Eileen is a wonderful agent that really fights for her clients. If you really want a friend who will constantly go to bat for you with the other agents, sellers, inspectors, loan brokers etc. she is the one for you!

We were very specific about they type of property we were interested in. It took us about a year to finally get what we wanted. She stuck with us despite having some beyond challenging obstacles with lending. We just closed escrow on a great place that took over 3 months to finally close (not a short sale). She had us into her office to explain much of the home buying process with us.

If she doesn’t know something she will do what she can to find out. I never once felt like she was worried about herself but instead was only concerned about what we needed and were looking for. When our deal was about to go sour she even chipped in her own funds to help placate the seller and lobbied so our loan broker and selling agent would do the same. We can not say enough about a great friend and we look forward to working with her again in the future.

Karen L.

Four years ago our family had a condo to sell. We contacted Keller Williams Realty Larchmont looking for an agent to help us price our condo. Somehow we were connected to Eileen Lanza. She met with us, providing current comps in the area. She was very knowledgeable of the area and the particular building. Eileen was friendly, easy to talk to, and most definitely not pushy! Our first meeting was a pleasant encounter where we learned how to improve the condition of our unit to get the maximum sale price. Eileen would check in with us periodically to see if she could help us in any way. However, due to family situations, we were not able to list our condo until this year. We contacted Eileen again after 4 years of on and off communications and told her we were finally ready to list. She told us what we needed to do to spruce up the property to get our asking price. After we did our part, she listed the condo and sold it within a week! She always checked in with us during the closing process, even continuing to show the property just in case. Her professionalism, friendly demeanor, and knowledge of the real estate market made her the perfect choice as our selling agent. We were fortunate to have met Eileen and her staff. We thank her so much for helping us!

Callie B.

Last year my husband and I decided we were ready to start looking for our first home in Los Angeles. After asking for recommendations, we got lucky and were referred to Eileen Lanza at Keller Williams in late November of 2013. Right away we could tell she was a great match for us. During our first in-person meeting we discussed the entire house-buying process and told her about about ourselves and what we were looking for. I appreciated how up front she was during that initial meeting as she told us what would be possible with our budget and what wouldn’t be, and explained the ins and outs of the process. Her general attitude and approach made us feel feel confident that we’d find something perfect for our needs and we’d have fun along the way.

At the end of our first meeting she told us she would find us a house by February and indeed she did! Throughout the time we worked with her she sent us listings and recommendations of places to visit and was always available and quick to respond to our many, many emails. She helped us narrow down our options and really figure out what we were willing to compromise on and what we weren’t.

After searching for a few months, we found a great place and made our first offer. With her guidance, we were able to close on our dream house within a few weeks and navigate the potentially overwhelming pile of paperwork and logistics associated with home ownership.  We couldn’t have done it without her and would happily recommend her to anyone and everyone, not only for her real estate expertise, but because she is a pleasure to work with!


It is hard to overstate how fortunate I feel that we found Eileen to help us buy our first home.  I was a little nervous going in, because not only was it our first home-buying experience, but I didn’t have any leads or referrals when it came to selecting an agent.  But thanks to online reviews, we set up an appointment with Eileen, and it was an easy decision to move forward with her assistance.  Eileen is smart, professional, and knowledgeable, but also funny and incredibly likeable.  Especially once we got into the swing of things, I came to SO appreciate how valuable it was to be working with an a gent that I just liked so much as a person.  What a complete chore this process would have been — in an already somewhat stressful home-buying journey —  if I’d felt any hesitation or awkwardness in giving Eileen a quick call/email/text and working through any number of scenarios with her always-helpful advice and counsel.  

And perhaps most importantly?  Eileen is HONEST.  I once toured a home with her that more or less fit what we were looking for, but it smelled quite strongly of cigarette smoke.  I figured that the smell would satisfactorily dissipate with airing out, change of flooring, etc., but Eileen advised against putting in an offer — she had a friend who bought a former smoking home, and the smell still lingered more than a year later.  Obviously, if Eileen was only focused on “closing” our deal and moving on to the next buyer, she needn’t have shared that advice.  But at no point along our journey did I ever question for one moment that Eileen had anything but my family’s best interest in mind.  That’s the kind of priceless trust we relied on with such comfort when, ultimately, we needed to decide how high of an offer to put in on a house that we knew would be receiving multiple bids (and that we really hoped to call our home).  Eileen counseled us to the range that she thought might win the day without extending ourselves into territory that was, in her assessment, too high for the particular property.  And, or course, she was right!  We are so excited to finally have our first happy little home, and so grateful to Eileen for everything she did along the way to make it possible.  I will be recommending her to everyone I know.

Marsha J.

Eileen Lanza is an amazing agent and a good person. I have dealt with many agents in my past and they were unsuccessful with selling my Hollywood Hills property. Eileen is professional, proactive and diligent. She won my confidence  and trust, especially when we received multiple listings less than a week the property was listed. I can be high strung but Eileen held my hand through the hold process. I highly recommend her services and look forward to her assistance with my future real estate needs.


We could not have found a better agent for our real estate search in Los Angeles. Buying our first home in this city was an overwhelming task, and it was comforting to have an expert on our side who was willing to fight for us throughout the entire process. We stumbled upon Eileen out of chance, inquiring about a house she had listed. Unfortunately, that home wasn’t for us, but Eileen worked hard for 6 months to find us EXACTLY what we were looking for.

The journey wasn’t easy, and we had some disappointing bumps along the way. Yet, through it all Eileen was professional, knowledgeable, patient, and very honest. She expressed her opinions on each house and the neighborhood, and never tried to push us into a sale for the wrong reasons or make an offer that wasn’t smart.

And just when it felt like there wasn’t a house out there for us, she found our perfect little home, in a perfect neneighborhood with all the character and potential we were hoping for. Even after our offer was accepted, Eileen was truly a bulldog, and fought for us during a challenging escrow process and uncooperative bank. We may not have gotten through these obstacles without her advice and expertise.

After all is said and done, I consider Eileen more than just a real estate agent, I see her as a friend. We are excited about our new home, and will definitely work with her again when the time comes.

Joel D.

I’m not sure what to add to all the glowing reviews of Eileen that I already see here, other than to say that they’re spot on and more. Eileen is not at all your average realtor… by that I mean she’s someone you can trust 100% to look after Your interests, focus on Your needs, and truly care about the outcome for Your family. She has immense patience, understands the complexity of the decisions that have to be made, and helps guide you through, holding your hand all the way. We’ve worked with other realtors before and have never felt the level of comfort and trust that she earns so naturally. Are there other good agents out there? Sure. But to combine all of Eileen’s experience with the level of personal support she offers is truly unique in Los Angeles. We were very fortunate to work with her on our most recent move, and look forward to calling her as soon as we’re ready to buy again.