Koreatown Homes for Sale – Hancock Park adjacent

Koreatown Homes for Sale Koreatown Homes for Sale

Koreatown (aka: “K-town”) borders Larchmont Village and Hancock Park. Sometimes agents wrongly identify Koreatown property as being in Hancock Park, but K-town is it’s own world. Our Multiple Listing Service also lumps this area under “Hancock Park” area- making it confusing for outsiders.

It is the most densely populated district by population in Los Angeles, with some 120,000+ residents in 2.7 sq. miles. While the neighborhood culture has historically been oriented to the Korean immigrant population, Korean business owners are creating stronger ties to the Latino community. The community has become highly diverse ethnically, with half of the residents being Latino & a third being Asian. Two-thirds of the residents were born outside of the United States- a high figure compared to the rest of the city.


As with other parts of LA, it can be very hard to park in some areas on some days, however, it is very easy to walk to neighborhood coffee shops & restaurants, as well as to the Metro station at Wilshire & Western. Koreatown has a very lively (crazy) late-night scene thanks in part to its many MANY bars. There are far more apartments in Koreatown than there are houses. Downtown is 10 minutes by car, and the airport is about 35 minutes.

Koreatown Homes for Sale Koreatown Homes for Sale

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