Mid-Century Architecture in the Valley (1950- )

Post WWII, the San Fernando Valley led the way in reinvisioning the suburban lifestyle with a focus on affordable living and a happier and more relaxed existence. These values were reflected in Valley homes and defined much of the residential architecture of the time.

  • Platform Houses- built on massive platforms that extend over the edge of a steep slope, looking down onto the valley below. Supported by tall, narrow metal posts. Typically single-story with a simple, rectangular floor-plan featuring large expanses of windows and overhanging flat roofs,
  • Eichler Houses- a Joseph Eichler-pioneered variation on the one-story ranch desgin with post-&-beam construction and concrete slab foundation. Features often include an open-air (courtyard) entryway, floor-to-cieling windows, and exposed ceiling beams.
  • Cinderella Ranch- distinguished by their highlighted and often exaggerated details. Common features include gingerbread trim, shutters, flowerboxes, and exaggerated gables over doorways and windows that extend toward the ground.