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Won’t you be my neighbor? Larchmont Village Open House

I live on a very unique block in Larchmont Village. We are one of the very few blocks that has all multi-family homes. The closer you get to Paramount Studios, the more multi-unit dwellings.  Last October, an investor bought this property off market for $980,500 or at least that is what is on public records. The owner (investor) fixed it up and put it on for $1,650,000 last February. ( I don’t think it needed a lot of work) This is ridiculously high! I felt sorry for all the agents (4?) holding the open because I knew it was going to sit for a long time. So here we are at the end of August and the new price is $1,299,000. Maybe still a bit high but compared to comps, price per square foot is decent. The best use of the land would have been to put it back to a duplex as it probably was in the 1930’s and rent each unit for $2700. The owner and agent missed the mark probably because they live out of area and missed the little nuances that only a local (me!) would know. No one wants to own the ONLY Single Family on the block.  So now that the price is more reasonable, I have offered to hold it open this Sunday. I also do not have central air in my home so it is a great place to hang out in 100 degree weather! It is a nice mix of period details and modern touches. Because it used to be a duplex, the floor plan is strange but still okay. OPEN SUN 2pm- 4pm and probably several hours during the week. Come see me! 556 N. Windsor Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90004

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