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What are the Case Study Houses Anyway?



Did you know?

In 1945, with WWII drawing to a close, the country was struggling to find adequate housing for soldiers returning home. In response to this housing shortage Arts & Architecture magazine launched an experimental program to create a series of affordable and replicable housing prototypes, utilizing experimental techniques and new materials, in an effort to introduce modern design to American middle class family homes. The magazine commissioned well-respected and established architects, including Charles and Ray Eames, Richard Neutra and Pierre Koenig, to design and build these modern housing prototypes throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding area. Although the experiment fell short of creating affordable and mass-producible housing, it is still recognized as an important contributor to the modern architecture movement and as giving birth to the midcentury modern design style which is now incorporated into many residential homes.


There are about twenty of these homes still standing in the Hollywood Hills, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, and other locations around Los Angeles. I think I will hunt them down!




Some serve as iconic representations of Los Angeles’ cultural identity. (Yes, culture is all around us in this city!) 




These simple designs—characterized by large glass windows, flat planes, and open spaces—emphasize integration with the natural surroundings of the home.






Some of the homes are listed on the National Register of Historic Places and many are internationally recognized.



Southern California is awash with exceptional examples of different architecture styles. If I would let him, my husband would move to any one of these tomorrow and not let the 3 of us join him. He would have 3 pieces of furniture and 2 outfits and be a very content man.   What style is your dream home?


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