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The Art of Allowance, a new book from John Lanza- creator of The Money Mammals financial education for kids!

The Art of Allowance: A Short, Practical Guide to Raising Money-Smart, Money-Empowered Kids

"This is an unusual book which in addition to the usual nostrums offered by books on money and finance is an honest and vivid diary of one family’s successful efforts to bring financial literacy to their two daughters. In the process of ministering allowances to them the parents explore the meaning of money and learn an awful lot about themselves and their own decision making processes."
— GEORGE RAND (PhD and MA, Psychology, Clark & interested parent)

Becoming money-empowered is not possible without real world practice. Allowance provides that practice and John’s straightforward and refreshing approach provides parents the broader context for why an allowance matters. This context helps ensure that your allowance program will stay on track.

The Art of Allowance is a simple step-by-step guide with practical tips, funny stories and clear strategies to help you create an allowance that can grow with your child from pre-school through teen years.

Do yourself a favor: get this book today and you can start raising your money-smart, money-empowered child today.

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John Lanza is the Chief Mammal of Snigglezoo Entertainment and author and co-illustrator of the highly-acclaimed "Share & Save & Spend Smart" Money Mammals book series, featuring the Dr. Toy award-winning Joe the Monkey Saves for a Goal, Joe the Monkey Learns to Share and Joe the Monkey and Friends Learn About Spending Smart picture books.

John created The Money Mammals "Saving Money Is Fun" DVD and founded The Money Mammals Saving Money Is Fun Kids Club, which is partnered with credit unions nationwide. John is a recognized thought leader in youth financial literacy, having been featured in or on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Detroit News, KCAL-TV, KNBC-TV and a number of other national and regional broadcast, online and print outlets. More information and John’s blog are available at

John lives with his wife (me!) and two daughters in Southern California.

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