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New Bar/Restaurant on Melrose at the top of Larchmont


Le Petit Marche FINALLY OPENED last month! I have been waiting for YEARS! Seriously… I wrote this 3 years ago about the apartments above the restaurant. I will keep my review brief as I didn’t have a great experience on my first visit. We were invited to opening day and my husband and I walked over for lunch. After sharing a beer (no wine yet) we waited almost an hour for lunch that never arrived. We paid our tab and ate at Lemonade. On another visit, had a great glass of wine with a friend and then went back again last week with my husband. Wine was great and fairly priced. We ordered a $7 appetizer and were served a $47 ribeye by mistake – SO you can see they are working out the kinks.  We are so happy to have a venue like this that is walkable from our home. Lower Larchmont has no bars due to ancient laws so it is nice to have a ton more options for food and drink ON Melrose, which is technically Hollywood. I hope they do well and stick around. Let me know if you want to meet up for a cocktail!

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