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May I rant?

I have been showing a ton of houses in an area called WEST ADAMS and JEFFERSON PARK near the University of Southern California, which is about 10-15 minutes south of Hancock Park. My client is here from England so we want to see as much as possible while she is here. She wants 1 or 2 homes as an investment and has cash and is ready to go. What’s the problem, then? I can not get her in to more than 15% of the houses she wants to see. Contacted 10 agents last weekend and only 1 returned my call. We did see a few on lockbox and all of them stated they were renovated. They were – but all crap. Some are drive-by only. Most have one lousy photo taken from the car. Like this:


Some agents are too lazy to meet you for a showing., or maybe they have a full-time job and can only show on their days off. Realtors make a good commission when the house finally does sell. There is NO excuse for poor photography (see more here), or no photography. There is no reason they can not respond to my email/text/phone call unless they are trying to work both sides of the deal and get 2 commissions. Please Mr. or Mrs. Seller, interview a few Realtors when you are ready. Make sure they will do the job you are hiring them for. Check their reviews, their websites, their references. I am sure 90% of the time the sellers do NOT know what their Realtors are NOT doing. No wonder we don’t always have the best reputation

Thank you for letting me vent.


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