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Horrible Real Estate photography

PLEASE, Realtors. You were hired to do a job. SELL THAT house worth $500,000 or $1,000,000 or $2,000,000 +!       How hard is it to take good photos? This is the best you can do? Does your seller know this is the photo (and sometimes the only one) that you have put out there in the world to attract buyers and get top dollar for them? THIS IS SO UNFAIR to the seller and YES I AM SHOUTING. It is not that hard. Smart phones take decents photos, but you can hire a great photographer for a teeny-tiny fraction of your commission. This is embarassing. Please QUIT your day job. Some of us take being a (full-time) REALTOR very seriously and you need to hang up your license. Most of these photos below were collected from my Multiple Listing Service here in Los Angeles in a matter of minutes.

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