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Free Culture! (at DTLA’s Art Walk)

When I first moved to Los Angeles, I heard someone refer to it as a "cultural wasteland." Really? How could this be true in a city of over 3 million different people of all different ethnic backgrounds? The answer is plain and simple: it’s not true.

Los Angeles is home to first-rate museums, concert halls, and many other renowned cultural venues. In fact, the Getty Center consistently ranks as one of the best museums in the WORLD! (I could go on forever about the city’s museums, but I will save that for a future blog post.) The fact is, culture is very much alive in LA, and not only that- it’s flourishing. Don’t believe me? Why not see for yourself this Thursday at The Downtown Art Walk!

Started in 2004, The Downtown Art Walk takes place on the second Thursday of every month and features over 40 different art galleries and museums spread throughout downtown Los Angeles’ various historic districts. This is more than just a simple walking tour- there’s food, music, and various festivities and programs to entertain the approximately 10,000 Art Walk patrons. Come immerse yourself in a world of free expression and experience true LA culture at its finest while supporting local artists.


The Downtown Art Walk runs this Thursday, April 14th (and the second Thursday of every month) from noon-10pm, but the party really kicks off around 6pm with the opening of the Art Walk Lounge located at 634 S. Spring St. at the MALDEF building.


The Downtown Art Walk is located mainly in the Historic Core between 4th and 9th and Spring and Main Streets. However, the galleries and restaurants spread beyond to the Fashion District, South Park and the Financial District. I’ll meet you there!

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