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Entertaining Out of Town Visitors

Perhaps it’s an unexpected drop-in from the in-laws? Or maybe you were so busy preparing for their arrival that you forgot to plan an itinerary? Don’t sweat it! I have a few day-by-day suggestions that will make you look like a pro! No doubt your guests will be clamoring see Hollywood and take in everything that Tinsel Town has to offer. But you know that there is far more to LA than the glamorous stars and silver-screen majesty that most tourists are familiar with. Granted, there is plenty to be seen here in that respect—it is Hollywood after all. But you know that this city has so much more to offer, and you want to make sure your out-of-town visitors get a well-rounded experience.

Hollywood– I know, this trip is supposed to be about seeing the other side of LA, but did you honestly think any visitor is going to let you get away with not showing them the Hollywood sign, the famous footprints in front of the Chinese Theater, or the stars along the Walk of Fame? It is best to get that out of the way early, so the rest of the trip can really get to the heart of what LA has to offer.

Venice– Okay, so Venice still seems a little noisy, but just hear me out. Today begins with a leisurely morning stroll along the quiet Venice Canals. This quaint neighborhood community was originally conceived to be the "Venice of America" (yes, we are talking about THAT Venice), and the canals have been restored to pristine condition and preserved. Beautiful homes line the canals while walkways are connected over the water by 14 small bridges. Once you have had your fill of ducks and tranquility, head over to Venice Beach and brave the boardwalk. The Venice Beach boardwalk is famous for eccentric street performers and local venders and artists peddling their crafts against a backdrop of the Pacific Ocean.

Pasadena– Today finds you exploring the nearby city of Pasadena including a tour of the Gamble House and a visit to Descanso Gardens. The Gamble House is a National Historic Landmark representing stunning American Arts & Crafts style architecture located in Pasadena. Take the morning to explore the manicured grounds and then enjoy one of several docent-guided tours of the interior. While in Pasadena, don’t forget to take a trip over to Descanso Gardens. These 160 acres of lush greenery are a relaxing oasis away from the city bustle.

Catalina– Have you been to Catalina yet? Your visitors will be amazed at this tropical island paradise less than an hour by ferry from Los Angeles. Picture yourself sipping a frozen cocktail while relaxing on the white sands of a pristine beach, watching dolphins play in the surf, as schools of colorful fish swim by your toes in the crystal-clear waters. No, seriously. That is Catalina.

Larchmont Village (It’s only natural to save the best for last!)- Before your guests leave town, be sure to introduce them to the beautiful Larchmont Village and Hancock Park neighborhoods of LA.  Have a peaceful breakfast at one of the many Larchmont Village eateries, maybe shop around at the Larchmont Village Farmer’s Market for a bit, and then stroll through the historic neighborhoods admiring the architecture and verdant green gardens of these beautiful upscale homes. By this time, your guests will surely be dying to move here, so go ahead and direct them to Eileen for all of their real estate needs!


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